Selecting the Right Rank Tracking API

SEO flow chart on chalkboard

Probably you understand the essence of your website getting the top position on search engine ranking and therefore, you need to know the right rank tracking API to monitor the changes in ranking. There are a lot of things to look into when it comes to choosing the proper rank tracking API, and it is further complicated by the variety of options available today. Selecting an ideal rank tracking API can be overwhelming, but the following considerations can guide your choice.

Search engine diversity – Is the serps tracker api applicable on several search engines? This is a crucial consideration as some of them have limited tracking and thus, they can only show the rankings of a few search engines. If this happens, it means that you do not have the advantage of checking several rankings that would be of your interest. It is advisable to select the rank tracking API that makes use of most of the search engines especially those which your target clients use.

Rank updates – getting frequent rank updates is essential so that you can devise ways of improving your website ranking or maintain the top position. Applying the best strategies is only possible if you have regular rank update information available. The rank tracking tool that you select should give you timely updates on your ranking. If a rank tracking tool does not have this feature, then it means that it will fail you and thus, you must look into other option. The updates should be on a regular basis such as several times in a day.

Redundant features – Some rank tracking tools and keyword API come with lots of features, but you need to know the essential elements that are useful to your business. Would you need all the features? You need to analyze what you want the rank tracker to do and then focus on the features that are only essential to that purpose. Even if the rank trackers offers other features, you should establish whether the features can provide extra benefits or not and whether using the features attract additional charges.

White label reports – Can the rank tracker generate reports that have your logo on them? In business, an image is vital as it markets your brand. When your brand and logo are present on reports presented to clients, it makes them recognize the business. Ensure that the rank tracking API that you choose offers this option. Click here to check out keywrd tools api now.


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